New hot dog carts

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New hot dog carts

Wyatt pictured to the right is an ex-pat Canadian now living in London, UK. In addition to being probably one of Canada's top 3 drywall artists top 10 internationally he has been snatched by a leading bank in the UK to make good use of his business degree. Big Bill Toffi is Willy Dog's 2nd.

BB as we call him has retired a bit but he has remained a loyal WD fan and good friend of Will. They have come a long way together.

This flag is on BB's home in Kingston. It's always fun to see Willy Dog products all over the world still being used. This photo shows a specifically modified for India, Super Wee Willy steamer.

We shipped a container load of these to an Indian gas station and booze conglomerate about 20 years ago.

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The one pictured below was being used in the Depsang Plains, India see below working daily in a small but busy restaurant. The Chinese Army occupied most of the plains during its war with India; however, the Chinese retreated and some Chinese stayed behind. Among them are Andrea and Ben Guajardo. They began selling hot dogs from a pushcart on Main Street in November.

Guajardo is a grant administrator for a health-care system. Her husband, Ben, is a pipeline operator. Theirs is the first hot-dog stand in Bandera, pop.

Guajardo, a mother of four.

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Andrea and Ben Guajardo both work full-time, but began selling wieners with help from their four kids in November. Facing pay cuts and weakened job security, more Americans are turning to this century-old, big-city trade in outposts like Bandera, where cowboys on horseback share the road with motorcyclists.

Many of these vendors are working professionals with day jobs, ranging from real-estate agents to train operators. Hot dog vendors are a familiar sight in big cities around the country. For one Texas family, their weekend business is bringing in extra cash amid a slumping economy. Sarah Needleman reports from Bandera, Texas.

new hot dog carts

Today's cart buyers are generally older and have more white-collar work experience than was traditionally the case, says Will Hodgskiss, president and "top dog" at Willy Dog Ltd.

Hot dogs are the street food of choice for vendors because frankfurters are sold precooked and therefore tend to undergo less scrutiny from state and city health departments. They're also popular. Newer dealers and those in less-ideal locations make one-third to half that amount. Weekend and event-only vendors, like the Guajardos, say that when the weather is good, they too can turn a hefty profit.

The Guajardos manage their two-wheeled stainless-steel hot-dog cart just on weekends, from about 11 a. They set up again on Saturday nights outside local honky-tonks like the Longhorn Saloon. The couple's four children often help out during the day.

Guajardo, while directing her oldest son, year-old Ben, to put some more cans of soda and bottled water on ice.

The business is named after another son, 6-year-old "Big Lou. Before they started, "you could find a flying frog easier than a hot-dog stand," said year-old William Ellis recently as he waited for a Chicago-style frankfurter, including neon green relish and sport peppers atop a poppy-seed bun.You will be protected as we walk you through the process of finding the perfect cart for your needs.

With our huge selection, you may find one just a few miles from you! For Detailed Info Like this website?? Let others know Buy or Sell Vending Machines. Semi Trucks. Other Mobile Businesses. Soda Machines. Snack Vending Machines.

Combo Vending Machines. Healthy Vending Machines.

new hot dog carts

Refurbished Vending Machines. Coffee Machines. Bagged Ice Machines. Cigarette Vending Machines. Other Vending Machines. Kitchen Food Trailers.

Concession Trailers. Bakery Trailers.Food vendors have a long and storied history. But how do these red hot treats make it from Athens to Astoria? The sausage was first discovered in Roman times, but the Germans elevated the craft to an artform.

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The long, thin sausage with the traditional red coloring may have been developed years ago in the german city of Frankfurt. A mouthful in more than one way! The introduction the the US is another part of the story shrouded in mystery. In the s, rumors persisted of a German immigrant slinging sausages, as well as milk rolls and sauerkraut, from a cart in the NYC Bowery.

A few years later, a baker named Charles Feltman would open the first Coney Island stand, selling 3, dachshund sausages in his first year. They also became standard fare at baseball parks around the same time. They relied on a home base, however, where the food was prepared.

Inan inventor named Frances E.

new hot dog carts

Coffey drew up the plans for the first truly independent hot dog cart. His design featured a cooking plate, a steam table, and even an ice box. Just a year earlier, another inventor patented a similar design, also featuring a mobile grill. This entire contraption was perched, rather precariously, atop a bicycle. It would take a cook with nerves of steel to prep his wares while pedaling his hot dog cart through a busy New York intersection.

Today, hot dog carts are a ubiquitous sight on New York City streets. Anyway you slice it, hot dog carts should be part of any visit to the Big Apple.

new hot dog carts

New Yorkers like to eat on the go, and we love our street meat. Los Angeles. New York. San Francisco. Travel Guides Inspire Me. The Hot Dog Cart. This quintessential street meat is a ubiquitous Big Apple treat. But how did this humble sausage become a NYC staple? Photo: Kathleen Tyler Conklin Food vendors have a long and storied history.

The Frankfurter of Frankfurt The sausage was first discovered in Roman times, but the Germans elevated the craft to an artform. Photo: J.Our warehouse handles goods shipped to essential businesses; therefore our warehouse is open and processing orders on a regular schedule. Is opening a mobile food cart business a silly dream? For many of us, financial independence, self-reliance, and being our own boss are integral parts of the American Dream. But these days, money is something of which we are keenly aware.

In some communities. In some communities, jobs are really scarce, and financial independence seems out of reach. The thought of starting your own business and being your own boss may seem absurd or silly. But is it? And how would you do it? The answer may surprise you: Hot Dogs. Hot dogs have been around for many years.

What is known, however, is that the first successful hot dog vending business was started on Coney Island in Soon after that, hot dogs and hot dog vendors sprung up in ball parks and theme parks across the country, then throughout the world.

Hot Dog Carts

Today, hot dog stands are almost as ubiquitous as the tasty treats themselves. And depending on the business model, the folks who operate them build profitable businesses and are able support themselves as well as their families. So, the answer to the question, then, is no. Your dream is not absurd; it is not silly.

It makes real sense. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum tread plate and stainless steel, all three carts are tough, durable, and bright. Each comes with an eye-catching 6. Sadly, our competitors charge extra for many of these features which are standard on ours. We even give you free tongs and condiment bottles. Typically categorized as an entry-level cart, Cash Calf can definitely hold its own in a crowd of hungry customers. Plus, you can always upgrade features, such as a sink or a sneeze guard, once your business starts making money.

Hot Dog Cart Time Lapse

Heritage is our premier vending trailer and our bestselling one as well. Like Cash Calf, it features a spacious dual-shelf cabinet with sliding doors that can be used for storage or to display products; additional pantry space below the steam table which allows you to sell more and restock less; and integrated beverage storage for selling food and drinks.

But it is the additional features that make Heritage so popular—a stainless steel sink for washing, a pressurized water system with on-demand hot water for better sanitation, and two tanks. Although these may seem like nice conveniences for you and your customers, in some cities, they are the law. This top-end cart is designed for the entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business.

Measuring 6 cubic feet larger than the other carts, The Big One is loaded with all the same features as Heritage—individual flame adjusters, pressurized hot and cold water, external valve, etc. But, we enlarged certain components or used even more durable materials to better withstand the demands of a higher traffic business. Instead of giving it two stainless steel gas burners, The Big One is equipped with three cast iron burners. And rather than fitting it with one stainless steel sink, this big hot dog cart has four basins.

Its most unique feature, however, is the tow bar.Each cart is built by a skilled tradesman using the highest quality materials, which means nothing less than the best for our customers. These carts are designed to work for you, and most importantly, make you money! Nothing leaves the shop without a seal of approval first.

Our quality control is top notch. We personally test every faucet, battery, gas line etc. Your cart also comes with a one year warranty, and an easy-to-understand users manual written by the owner himself who has served many hot dogs in his day! We offer continuous support. Our team is there to guide you through the process. Problem lighting your burners on a windy day? Call us 24 hours a day. We know the ins and outs of this unique business and we want you to succeed! Yes, we are the original hot dog cart manufacturer, but we realize the importance of staying ahead of the trends.

We never forget that a moneymaking hot dog cart is comprised of three components: efficient build, sleek, innovative design, and a hard working operator. We offer a selection of carts to suit a selection of needs.

All our carts are built with a sturdy, non-rusting 18 gauge food grade stainless steel. They come equipped with powerful 17, BTU burners so that the food you are serving is cooked quickly and to perfection.

Each cart is thoroughly and individually inspected before it leaves the shop to make sure everything works when you receive it. All carts are inspected by the craftsmen or women and signed.

Nothing leaves until it passes all our tests and is signed off.The steamed hot dogs cart is the most popular street food cart in America. Our hot dogs cart is built from a solid base and finished in stainless steel. It is very convenient for street-side vending, whether you have a reduced space or an open place such as the pier. It has all the necessary features needed for delivering steamed hot dogs, snacks and sodas.

It is easy to tow with your vehicle. The Fruit and Hot Dogs cart is made especially to accommodate these two types of products into one cart. Built on a solid frame these type of carts are very reliable and its finishing in stainless steel gives the operator the ability to keep the carts clean at all the times.

The hot dog trailer cart is one of the most sold carts in the market for street food vending in America. It complies with the city requirements at the time of its delivery when new. For an easy maintenance it is built on stainless steel. This cart was approved at the time of its delivery. It comes complete with all the necessary for the selling of steamed hot dogs across the city. Th cart also comes with a beverages bin compartment.

The mobile hot dogs cart is the typical unit that you see in many spots of the city. Comes with the common features and equipment that you need to sell your products. Read More Hot Dog Trailer Cart Steamed hot dogs. Hot Dogs Trailer Steamed hot dogs trailer. The Run Hot Dogs Cart. Mobile Hot Dogs Cart Cart made to sell hot dogs in the city. Search for:. Like us at Facebook.Our production times vary depending on the time of year.

Please reach out to us so we can provide an approximate shipping date. Order now to ensure you get your trailer when you need it.

Order Questions? Please Call Whether you are a vendor going into business to gain financial independence or just someone looking to earn supplemental cash from a side hustle, the amount of money you spend on equipment will play a big role in the success of your company and how much money you make.

What you get. It features a cooler and six restaurant-grade steam pans with lids, giving you the versatility to sell both hot and cold items. A spacious, dual-shelf cabinet with sliding doors spreads the width of the cart and acts not only as storage but also as display case for beverages, buns, and chips.

Plus, there is additional storage on the bottom which enables you to sell more and restock less.

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Above standard. Cash Calf comes standard with some fantastic and necessary features that you will pay extra for if you purchase a similar cart elsewhere. Remember, we also give you a built-in meat and beverage cooler—for free. The bottom line. A pressurized hot and cold water system, sneeze guard, and additional sinks are just a few of the high-quality options we offer for less than other companies do.

But,what is more important to your bottom line is the price of the cart itself. The starting cost of their no frills cart with limited standard features is more expensive than our entry-level cart.

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In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find even used hot dog carts for sale at prices as low as a NEW Cash Calf. So why spend money elsewhere? Available upgrades:. The item will be shipped via a trucking service to your physical address.

Custom Food Carts, Sales, Service and Parts

For an exact shipping rate please reach out to one of our qualified sales associates at Also available for pickup at our warehouse s at no additional charge. NOTE : Please inspect all packages upon delivery. Please retain a signed copy of the bill of lading for your records.

Note that the carrier will make a final determination on all claims. Available Upgrades At Additional Charge:. One 1 Sink. Prep Shelf. The detachable stainless steel prep shelf extends the length of the cart, and allows you to optimize the workspace of our Heritage and Cash Calf carts.

Sneeze Guard. Failure to do so will cause damage to it. On Demand Hot Water Heater.


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